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About Us

Cool Clothes For Grown Ups

Durable, Understated, and Responsible

Break North clothing company dedicated to producing durable products for people that are looking to simplify and deepen their relationship with what they wear.

All of our products are built to last. We'd prefer not to sell you two hats, unless that hat is a gift for someone else.

And we the extra mile to work with fabrics that tell a story. In the case of our hats this means using wool produced by hand using time-honored techniques. In the case of our t-shirts, it means using eco-friendly fabrics and inks.

We are a small boutique operation and can't oversee overseas operations, for that reason we work with domestic manufacturers that we've developed a rapport and trust that they are producing products in a way that is consistent with our, and our customers', values.

We want to help you shine. By keeping our branding minimal, we're playing a supporting role in our customers image. We believe this is as it should be.

About Our Founders

Break North was started by two college friends looking for quality clothing with minimal branding. We successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign in the Summer of 2016 to produce our first line of hats and t-shirts. Since then, we've continue to work as a two-man operation.

Steve Anderson

Hailing from Alexandria, VA, Steve now lives in Huntsville, Utah. When he's not working on Break North, you can probably catch him doing something outdoors in the Ogden Valley.

Reza Hamid

Reza is from Oakland, CA. When he's not working on working on Break North, he spends his time with his family, listening to music, jogging and eating healthy.

Contact Us

We'd love to hear from you: questions, shout-outs, requests, whatever. Email us at hello@wearbreaknorth.com and we'll be in touch. Thanks!

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